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Price 1000 (օթյակ/balcony), 2000, 3000 (ամֆիթատրոն/amphitheater), 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 (պարտեր/the stalls) AMD
A. Tigranian
Opera in 3 acts

Director: People's Artist of Armenia, Gegham Grigoryan
Artist (Painter): Honoured Worker of Art of Armenia, Grisha Sahakyan
Choreographer: People's Artist of Armenia, Vilen Galstyan
Choirmasters: Hrach Boryan
Conductor: Atanes Arakelyan
Musical Director and Principal Conductor: Honoured Artist of Armenia, Karen Durgaryan

Anush: Hasmik Torosyan
Saro: Sargis Aghamalyan
Mosi: Georgi Arakelov

Time: 19։00.
Barekamutyun State Dance Ensemble
Price 1000 (թատերահարթակ/platform), 2000, 3000 (ամֆիթատրոն/amphitheater), 3000, 5000, 6000 (պարտեր/the stalls) AMD
The Honoured Troupe, Barekamutyun Armenian State Dance Ensemble
Art Director: People's Artist of Armenia Norayr Mehrabyan

The concert is dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims.

Participants: Honoured artists of Armenia, Silva Yuzbashyan and Davit Hakobyan. 

Time: 19:00.
A Man is Required
Price 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 AMD
Original “Jan & Beatrice” by Carol Freshett.
Director of the play – Lusine Yernjakyan.
The performance "A Man is Required" is about a search for love. The heroes of the play are two people who feel spiritual emptiness.
There are no feelings and any affection inside them. Beatrice desires for love. Jan has lost his hope for a real feeling long ago.
At first Jan evokes an interest in her, and then she experiences a feeling distantly reminding love. Beatrice almost artificially tries to make herself believe that at last it is he.
All her methods face to Jan’s cold practicalness. It seems that now she will win and everything will revive both in her soul and in her life. Jan, a little tempted by a probable change in his life, changes sharply and now frankly tries to call in her a disgust towards him, may be he hates himself, but it is too late, nothing can be changed.
The coming of a new guest, who has read Beatrice’s announcement about the searches of a man and who will make her laugh, move her to pity, who will tempt her and will get an award for it, means that the search is still continued.

Time: 19:00.

David of Sasun
Price 1000 AMD
Author: Hovh. Tumanyan
Staged by David Hakobyan
Musical arrangment: Armen Margaryan

“David of Sasun” is a generalization of the whole way of Armenian history, the reflection of its struggle, the synthesis of its culture, world view and experience. David is the favourite hero of the Armenian nation. He’s strong and funny, brave and naive. He dares not to obey Melick, not to pay the tribute. The people who brought him up have complicated and intricate relationship, but David unites them and symbolizes their common will and heroic spirit in the struggle.

Time: 16:00.

Me and you
Price [տես ստորեւ / see below] AMD
Ingeborg von Tsadov

Diploma performance (Drama theater directing, Post-Grad. Studies)
Staged by Liana Avetisyan

Time: 19:00
Admission is free.

Shekhonts Mihran
2014-04-23, 2014-04-24
Price 1000, 1500, 2000 AMD
Author: M. Kheranyan
Time: 19:00.
2 Dance Performances: The Girl and The Death, La Vita Nuova
Yerevan Theater of the Young Spectator, May 1.
Musical Evening with Robert Amirkhanyan
Aram Khachaturyan Concert Hall, April 29.
National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiarian, April 27.