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Requiem for the Living
2014-10-22, 2014-10-23
Price 1000, 1500 AMD
Based on Levon Shant's novel, "The Chained" 
Staged by Hrachya Ghazaryan

Time: 19:00.
Flowers Manuscript
Price 1200, 2000 AMD
Mime play in one act. Duration: 55 minutes.

• Mediaeval armenian ornamental patterns of Human, Lion, Bull and Eagle whos mithical shapes symbolize four evangelists;
• The patterns liven up to tell us about a significance of manuscript and letters, parchment books  and devine miniatures in them;
• The little poet makes the acquaintance of Armenian alphabet and begines writing his manuscript of flowers;
• Time passes;
• The Manuscript heals the incurable disease of a little girl;
• Young woman discovers the significance of the Manuscript;
• The Manuscript finds its permanent abode in the saint archive - MATENADARAN.

Author and Director: Zhirayr Dadasyan
Music by: Vahan Artsruni

Time: 19:00

Ticket price: 
- for students - 1200 + a gift invitation for 1 of the next 3 performances, 
- for school pupils - 500 AMD.
Love Bridge
Price 2000 - 5000 AMD
"Art Team" and "Sharm Holding", with support from the Ministry of Culture, represent:

Musical "Love Bridge", a mega-show in Yerevan.

Dreams and ambition, personal interests and real friendship, money and intrigue, and of course love - a gravitational force that will build a "Love Bridge"…

A musical story with modern rhythms. New songs, live performances, fantastic dance show. High-class staging, monumental decors, impressive visual and sound effects… 

Director: Vahan Badalyan
Script by: Hakob Rubinyan, Vahram Sahakyan
Composers: Armen Martirosyan, Emma Asatryan, Krist Manaryan, Ara Torosian (Murzo)
Lyrics: Anita Hakhverdyan, Emma Asatryan, Grigor Kyokchyan, Krist Manaryan
Arrangements by: Ara Torosian (Murzo), Martin Mirzoyan
Choreographer: Valery Arkhipov
Stage Design by: David Minasyan
Costume Design by: Inessa Sevunts
PR Manager: Izabella Manasaryan
Music Director: Ara Torosian (Murzo)
Musical Producer: Arthur Asatryan
Executive Producer: Armen Hambardzumyan
Producer: Karen Ghazaryan
General Producer: Ruben Jaghinyan

The musical is dedicated to the 300th birthday anniversary of Sayat-Nova. 

Time: 19:00.

You can find the venue scheme with ticket prices here.

A Tale from the Clouds
Price 1000 AMD
Z. Antonyan
Time: 15:00.

Three Piglets
Price 800 AMD
Author: Ervand Manaryan
Director/Producer: Ruben Babayan
Time: 11:00.

Price 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 AMD
Pessimistic comedy
Author: Ara Yernjakyan
Staging Director: Lusine Yernjakyan

This performance is dedicated to our dear city made of tuff.
It is an attempt of analysis of the experience of life, and the analysis is done optimistically and hopefully.
Social and political context of the scenes is interrupted by musical performances, dance, parade, fireworks, guests and observers from abroad.
“Under Ground” is one of the pages of Yerevan’s biography.

Time: 19:00.

Tagharan Ensemble of Ancient Music
Price 1000, 1500, 2000 AMD
Artistic Director and Principal Conductor: Sedrak Yerkanyan
Barocco music.

Time: 19:00.
The Band
Price 2000 AMD
Time: 21:30.
Teen Movie, "In the Camp"
Nairi Cinema, every day.
Yerevan State Chamber Theater, October 28.
Club of the Funny and Inventive (КВН)
Russian Drama Theater after K. Stanislavski, October 29.
State Dance Ensemble of Armenia
Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, October 26.